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Acupuncture nowadays is performed using single-use sterile, very fine needles. They are inserted in certain points in the body to stimulate the healing process. The needles stay in the body for about 20 minutes when the patient is relaxing and then are disposed of. The insertion of the needles should not be painful but there may be a dull ache or tingling or a mild electrical sensation when the needles are working.


Acupuncture can help in:

  • emotional problems:
    • stress
    • depression
    • anxiety
    • insomnia
  • musculo-skeletal disorders:
    • back pain
    • muscle pain
    • arthritis


  • headaches
    • migraines

  • digestive issues:
    • IBS
    • Crohn’s disease
    • bloating
    • constipation
    • diarrhoea

  • women’s health:
    • PMS
    • irregular periods
    • menopause
    • infertility
    • pregnancy

  • and many more


Cupping has been used in Asia and Europe for many centuries. Warming up the air inside the cups and putting them on skin creates a vacuum which activates local methabolism and allows immune system to work and heal. Most often cupping is used for upper respiratory diseases, musles and joint pains, sciatica etc., but also in other illnessess. Cups leave characteristic marks which look like bruises, with various colours depending on the problem. These marks stay up to 7 days and unlike bruises they are not painful to touch.

Naturopathy and nutrition

Along with acupuncture I can advice on the naturopathy and nutrition.

Amongst the others I use Bach Flower Remedies, which gently bring the balance back between our personality, soul and body. Flower Essences influence the emotions, deal with stress and with the improvement of the emotional state they influence our bodies. Bach Flower Essences are safe for everyone. Usually they content alcohol but for children, pregnant women and former alcoholics can be made on a basis of spring water. They are chosen individually for the patient.

Tissue salts help the tissues to restore the ability to absorb the mineral salts (which they are deficient) from food, harmonizing the body and regaining the health. This method is safe too, the tablets are taken orally and contain sugar.


Moxibustion is a technique where the herb „Artemisia vulgaris” is used. Moxa floss is burn on or over the acupuncture points. It has warming and energetic properties. May be used together with acupuncture or on its own.


  • improves circulation,
  • works as a painkiller,
  • unblocks stagnations,
  • may help with the blood production,

Regular use:

  • strenghthen the body,
  • prevent illnessess,
  • delays aging,

It helps in conditions like:

  • digestive problems – diarrhoea, vomiting,
  • coughs, asthma,
  • headaches, dizziness,
  • insomnia,
  • hypertension,
  • some skin problems,
  • often used in women and men problems,
  • it is known of its properties of turning the foetus in breech position.


Initial consultation
(90 min.)



Students and seniors


Follow-ups (45-60 min.)



Students and seniors


*Free consultation for people who would like to talk about the treatments, how can I help in their condition and are interested in booking an appointment

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