Dietary advises

Based on the Chinese Medicine principles I prepare the list of foods which are the most suitable and  beneficial for the health and which ones should be avoided. I also advice which dietary supplements would be appropriate and suggest lifestyle changes. Prices During the first visit, after detailed questionnaire, I make the diagnosis and we […]

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Tissue Salts

They allow the diseased tissues to absorb from the food these minerals which they are deficient of, bringing back health and balance. This method is safe, the tablets are to be taken under the tongue, contain sugar. Prices During the first visit, after detailed questionnaire, I make the diagnosis and we discuss the therapy plan.

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Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies work gently restoring the balance between our personality, soul and body. They affect the emotions, relieve stress, through the improvement of the emotional state they influence the body. The Remedies are safe for everybody. They are usually dissolve in alcohol but for children, pregnant women or people with alcohol addiction they may

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Cups are used to stimulate blood and lymph flow, relax muscles, get rid of pain and strengthen the body. Cups can be static – they stay in one place or flash cupping, where the cups are put on and off  quickly. Cupping helps the body to restore health. What to expect? Cupping is a painless

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Chinese Herbs

Since the dawn of man, people used the power of plants to cure various ailments. In Chinese Medicine single herbs are used very rarely. Usually there are individually selected formulas which address specific conditions; reduce side effects of some herbs and enhance the effect of others. What to expect? During the consultation in the treatment

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In Chinese Medicine, When body and mind work properly in harmony and energy flows freely, you are healthy. There are over 360 points in human body, which when activated, can perform required actions to restore the balance. After diagnosis, I choose the points individually for you to enable the free flow of Qi energy, improve

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Borscht is a necessary, traditional element of the Christmas Eve dinner in Poland. But it is so tasty and healthy that we can have it all year round. This recipe is slightly different to the traditional borscht with dumplings. Ingredients: about 1l of beetroot kvas 2 beetroots half a carrot half a parsnip a piece

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