I had a client suffering from anxiety and insomnia. The anxiety was overwhelming, hindering contacts with people and her thoughts were going in circles around an unknown danger. There were also panic attacks. There were nights when she was staying awake all night and when she had fallen asleep she was waking up frequently. She used to say that she couldn’t even feel the tiredness anymore and she was not herself.

We had 14 sessions, at the begenning twice a week, then less frequently. With every session both symptoms were improving, what you can see on the photos of the form we fill in every time. At the moment she can sleep normaly and the anxiety, although happens sometimes, she is able to control quickly.

She texted recently: „What I came to see you with has been ok and that is all down to you doing your magic so thank you”.

Of course I’m not doing any magic. It’s all thanks to acupuncture 🙂

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