Borscht is a necessary, traditional element of the Christmas Eve dinner in Poland. But it is so tasty and healthy that we can have it all year round.

This recipe is slightly different to the traditional borscht with dumplings.


about 1l of beetroot kvas

2 beetroots

half a carrot

half a parsnip

a piece of a celeriac

an onion or a leek

1-3 cloves of garlic

1 teaspoon of caraway seeds

a few allspice

a stock cube


a tablespoon of flour


Beetroot and the rest of vegetables grate on a grater with large meshes, fry with an onion and the spices. Add to 2l of water and boil until soft, add the stock cube and garlic. Add pepper and flour mixed with a bit of water. After 3 minutes add the beetroot kvas – try when there is enough. Simmer for 10 minutes but not get it boil.

You can add sour cream. You can also add mashed potatoes or dumplings.


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