Beetroot has a power of nourishing blood, helps with the circulation and has a little warming quality. It supports heart and liver.

I got the receipe for the beetroot kvas from my sister in law. This kvas doesn’t get mouldy and it’s delicious. Kvas has also got the good bacteria which benefit our digestion.

Beetroot kvas


1 big jar (5l), clean

1 pair of rubber/silicon gloves to not get dirty 

2 kg of raw beetroot

Boiled, warm, salted water,

Garlic – as much as you like. I give the whole bulb, peel cloves, cut in halves,

Black peppercorns – a few

allspice – a few

1-2 bay leaves

Mustard seeds – a few

Horseradish root if you like


Peel the beetroots, cut in quarters, put in the jar. Pour the warm water, add the garlic, horseradish, pepper, allspice, mustard seeds, bay leaves and cover with a plate. The beetroots must be covered with water. Stir every day and try if it’s how you want it to be. After 5-7 days it should be ready. Then we pour it into the bottles and keep in the fridge. We can drink it at this stage. We can also make a beetroot soup – borscht. I will add a post with the receipe but first will be the post about how to use the beetroot from the kvas.


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